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Private Loans

Let’s face it, life is sumptuous. Owning a domicile, buying and maintaining a car, buying groceries and dozens of other things, the costs can integrate up. While some people have enough or make enough to afford all the costs that come with our circadian lives, this isn’t always the case.

If you’re probing for more information about borrowing to cover the cost of an unexpected expense or are simply probing for information about private lenders in Canada, we have you covered.

What is a Private Lender?

As you could imagine, a private loan is a loan from a private lender. But what makes a lender “private”? 

Essentially, a private lender is any lender who is not associated or affiliated with a traditional financial institution. Normally, these private lenders are not as constrained by regulations and thus can offer terms and approve applications that many standard lenders would not be able to do.

A private lender can be a company, a group, or even simply an individual. The private loans that they offer work very similarly to the loans offered by a bank or other traditional financial institutions

However, because they expose themselves to more risk than traditional lenders, many private lenders will charge slightly higher interest rates to protect themselves. Of course, the actual rate and the terms of each lender will vary. 

What Types of Loans do Private Lenders Offer?

Private Loans

The good news is that private lenders offer many of the same loans you expect from banks. A number of the most common and popular loans out there are offered by most private lenders across the country. This includes:

  • Mortgages
  • Auto loans
  • Student loans
  • Personal installment loans
  • Bad credit loans

As mentioned previously, each individual lender will decide what loans to offer, and what rates or terms will accompany those loans. If you have unique borrowing needs, don’t be afraid to ask a lender if they will be willing to help you out. They will generally be more willing to do so than traditional lenders.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Private Mortgages in Ontario

Getting approved for a private mortgage, from a private lender, or private lending company is usually based on equity available or equity committed in real estate.

When home owners want to refinance a private mortgage, or get a private second mortgage or private third mortgage, private real estate lenders require home owners to have a certain amount of percentage of equity, called Loan to value, available in their home to get approved.

When purchase a property and getting a private mortgage to close a home purchase, private mortgage lenders in Ontario will require home buyers to have a minimum down payment amount, usually about 20% of the purchase price, or appraised value of a home.

No, a private mortgage will not have a negative effect on your Equifax or Transunion credit report or credit score. In fact, many home owners who are carrying debt anywhere between $15,000 and upward, often take advantage of a private second mortgage to consolidate debt. This allows home owners to combine all outstanding debt into one single mortgage, at an interest rate that is lower than the unsecured credit, with one monthly payment.

Taking advantage of using your home equity for a private first mortgage or private second mortgage to consolidate debt will help improve your credit score overtime.

A fast private mortgage closing can be accommodated with 24 to 48 hours to close and fund a private mortgage. Generally, without rush a realistic expectation is 4 to 10 days as an appraisal inspection is often required for a private mortgage, which is sometimes timely.

Rush appraisals can be ordered, where an appraisal will take place same day.

As a borrower taking a private mortgage, it is not recommend to order your own appraisal report, as it may not be accepted by the private lender funding your private mortgage. It’s best to allow your mortgage broker to order the appraisal report from an appraisal company that is accepted by the private lender in Ontario.

Private mortgage interest rates will usually vary based on the equity available in a property, along with a few other credentials a private lender may require. Interest rates for private mortgages will also vary based on the type of private mortgage such as private first mortgage, private second mortgage, or a private third mortgage.

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Private Mortgage Lenders : 

  1. Toronto
  2. Greater Toronto Area
  3. Scarborough
  4. North York
  5. Pickering
  6. Ajax
  7. Whitby
  8. Oshawa
  9. Bowmanville
  10. Ottawa
  11. Mississauga
  12. Brampton
  13. Bolton
  14. Milton
  15. Oakville
  16. Burlington
  17. Guelph,
  18. Niagara Falls
  19. Cambridge
  20. Hamilton
  21. Woodbridge
  22. Maple
  23. Vaughan
  24. London
  25. Waterloo
  26. Windsor
  27. Thunder Bay
  28. Sudbury
  29. Markham
  30. Richmond Hill
  31. Aurora
  32. Newmarket
  33. Bradford
  34. Barrie
  35. East/West Gwillimbury
  36. Innisfil

Why Get A Private Mortgage?

A private mortgage can serve a variety of needs both for home owners, home buyers, and also, commercial property owners/buyers. 

Below is a list of private mortgage programs, and reasons to get a private mortgage.

Private First Mortgage

Private Loans

A private first mortgage (1st mortgage) is a first priority mortgage charge registered on the title (deed) of a residential property, commercial property, land, and can also be used for construction financing.

A private first mortgage can be used for purchasing real estate, and also refinancing an existing mortgage on a property. Therefore People generally obtain a private mortgage due to bad credit, and/or they may have no income or unable to provide traditional proof of income, and qualify based on bank’s or B lender’s lending criteria.

Ontario Private lenders for first mortgages will typically lend up to a maximum of 75% loan to value (LTV) in large urban cities.

Private Second Mortgage

First of all, a private second mortgage is a mortgage registered on the title of a property which sits in the second position, behind a first mortgage, similar to a HELOC. 

Also, private 2nd mortgages are usually taken out by homeowners looking to access their home equity, for many reasons including debt consolidation, home renovation, paying CRA tax arrears, bringing first mortgage payment into good stands to stop the power of sale, and more.

Private Loans